Windswept at Stonehenge

We visited Stonehenge on 3rd January 2018, just as Storm Eleanor and gale-force winds were sweeping across the UK. And we were really buffeted by that wind, so much so that Antero didn’t get to take many pictures as you cannot keep the camera steady when you are trying to avoid being blown over!

The Stonehenge Stone Circle

We didn’t book entry tickets in advance as we’d been told it was “quiet” but best do that in busy seasons. Stonehenge is an English Heritage site and if you’re visiting several sites it might be worth buying a pass. Your assistant is free of charge.

Neolithic village
The Neolithic houses outside the visitor centre – you can wheel around but can’t get into all the houses

The visitor’s centre is totally accessible and really interesting with masses of history and exhibitions. You can “stand in the stones” to watch the seasons pass in an impressive 360 audio-visual display which gives you a feel for what it must be like at the summer and winter solstices.

Winter solstice
Neolithic or Bronze Age villagers’ feast

Do the visitor’s centre first then take the shuttle bus to the stone circle – these take wheelchairs.

Sarsen stones

Stonehenge is busy and you’ll need to make sure you get to the front to take photos. You can’t really see how windy it was in the photo. I sometimes take pics of people taking pics. I liked this lady’s little finger.

You can see how accessible the level paths are below. In parts there is durable matting so you can wheel around no problem. We can recommend the Stonehenge hotchpotch in the café at the end of your visit – just what we needed on this cold day.

Footpath to the stone circle


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