About us

unnamedAntero is a photographer and former paralympic sailor from Finland. He loves small harbours, good food and observing life. He dislikes having to wheel in heavy snow.

Louise is a teacher originally from England, now living in Finland. She loves blue skies, sandy beaches and swimming in the sea. So all this can make life in Finland tough, so we need to escape now and then.

Just as well we both love seafood and travelling. We both saw a lot of the world before we met each other 11 years ago and we’ve had several adventures since. We speak English together but can quickly switch into Finnish when needed which can be very useful sometimes.

louiseOur blog features stories and photos of how we roll around Finland and the world when we have the opportunity. We also share some insights into accessibility, the challenges we encounter while travelling and also on a day-to-day basis.

Thanks for joining us!


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