Wheeling around Bath and high tea

My first wheeling visit of 2018 was to the Roman and Georgian city of Bath, just a shame it was a grey, wet day and we only had a few hours there. Still, wheeling around gave a good impression of the architecture and elegance of the city even if not always easy with all the hills and occasional bumpy pavements.

Wheeling along the elegant Royal Crescent
The Royal Crescent



View of the Pultney Bridge





The Circus
River Avon at the crescent weir
Bath Abbey








After all this exertion, it was time for a drink which being in England means tea! And where better in Bath to take afternoon high tea than the elegant Georgian Pump Room? During our high tea we were entertained in very Austen style by a classical trio.

The Pump Room
Scones, jam and clotted cream







High tea – pic from Louise’s iPhone

High tea was expensive but just one of those things you have to do when in England! We each had our own pot of tea and decided not to take the champagne version.

Scones by the way are pretty filling, especially with all that clotted cream so we didn’t manage to eat them all – took some home in a box!

The spa water fountain in the Pump Room dispenses Bath water which originally fell as rain about 10,000 years ago. I didn’t try it.



Maybe next time! And next time we’ll have a chance to visit the Roman Baths which were just closing when we arrived.

Spa water fountain

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