Wheeling on water – or trying to

Today was another beautiful, crisp winter’s day in Helsinki. The sea is frozen, the sky blue and the temperature only a few degrees below zero – so much warmer than it has been this past week! Antero hoped to be able to wheel on the ice and we went to Munkkiniemi bay where we knew there is a popular skating track. But unfortunately he couldn’t get down to it, steps at the jetty etc. So we headed for Kaivopuisto park in central Helsinki where people are walking on the sea. Again we couldn’t get down with the wheelchair, so wheeling on water was not to be. Antero had to wheel on the rough, bumpy icy path at the edge but the Freewheel helped. Still, we enjoyed the fresh air, winter atmosphere and watching the tiny figures out there on the ice. Hopefully one day  wheelchair users would be able to join in the fun.


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